Study closely links patient satisfaction scores and hospital profitability

A recent study by Press-Ganey indicates that those hospitals doing well as measured by HCAHPS and other patient satisfaction measures, are also among the most profitable.  This likely comes as little surprise to those working in hospitals, but what often is a mystery, is what steps can be immediately taken to emulate those key elements responsible for higher HCAHPS and other patient experience metrics.

Certainly a hospital's culture of caring and compassion for its patients ranks at or near the top of importance from a patient's perspective.  Spending time and resources to improve one's culture is important but should be seen as a long-term investment whose payoff will likely be gradual.  In comparison, Connected Patients' ConnectMe system puts an incredibly powerful set of tools in the hands of the administrators, care givers, and patients that yields almost immediate positive results. 

Administrators will have almost immediately, a robust, live database of patient experience data that give them the information needed to target their resources to their maximum benefit.  Care givers will have tools to improve the delivery and understanding of critical pieces of information such as patient education, discharge, and other instructions.  Patients and their visitors will remain connected to daily routines while also having access to a wide variety of entertainment content proven effective at reducing anxiety and feelings of isolation and that also make time pass more quickly. 

Improving the patient experience requires both short and long-term planning with the help of the best tools for the job at hand.  The ConnectMe system's design allows for rapid, cost-effective deployment with an immediate positive impact on the patient experience.  The system's ongoing value lies in its ability to streamline and automate many processes while continually pushing mission-critical data to the decision makers.