Connected Patients Are Happy Patients

With the ConnectMe device, patients and their visitors can access the internet, check their email, and instantly connect with their favorite social media sites. These services help patients stay connected with family and friends. Patients can also listen to music and watch movies, play a wide assortment of games, and even catch up on the news. Patients and visitors can go shopping at the online mall or at the hospital gift shop.

One of the most dynamic features of ConnectMe device is the integral in-set camera and Skype capability. With these features, patients can have person-to-person visual communication with anyone around the world. New parents can virtually introduce their babies to friends and families. What about those patients whose loved ones live too far away to be able to come and visit? For the first time ever, ConnectMe technology and Skype access will allow patients to visit with anyone, anywhere.

In addition, patients will have access both to information about their specific medical condition and also to the medications prescribed for their treatment. Patients will also get other site-specific information about the facility they are in and the medical practitioners taking care of them.

For the Patient, the ConnectMe device:

  • Provides access to the internet and email
  • Shares information about medical conditions and medications
  • Entertains through a choice of games, music, and movies
  • Makes online shopping available
  • Enables face-to-face communication using Skype technology