HCA Frankfort Regional Chooses Connected Patients' ConnectMe System for Patient Rooms

 HCA Frankfort Regional Medical Center has announced the installation of 51 ConnectMeTM touch screen patient terminals in several of its patient rooms, contracted through Connected Patients, LLC. With this installation, patients will have access to hospital information and entertainment options free of charge.

The company’s user-friendly ConnectMeTM terminals were installed bedside mounted on an articulating arm, and are readily useable by patients and their families. The ConnectMeTM terminal has an LCD touch-screen with large, easy to use virtual buttons. The multifunction ConnectMeTM computers improve the patient experience by providing them with continuous access to the internet, email and social networking, games, and movies-on-demand. The system can be viewed at http://connectedpatients.com/connectme-overview.

“We are pleased to partner with Connected Patients, LLC and their ConnectMeTM system,” said Chip Peal, Chief Executive Officer. “The system is easy to use and offers many ways to keep our patients more connected with their family and friends, reducing their stress and improving their overall sense of well-being. And, integration of real-time survey tools will help our staff deliver the exceptional care we strive for.”

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