Hardin Memorial Hospital to implement ConnectMeTM Bedside System to Enhance Patient Experience in Hospital

Connected Patients, LLC, a healthcare technology company and leader in innovation at the patient bedside, announced today that Hardin Memorial Hospital has selected its ConnectMeTM touch screen patient terminals for installation in several of its departments. 

 Located in Elizabethtown, KY., the 300-bed Hardin Memorial Hospital is a not-for-profit acute care hospital serving Hardin County and the 10 surrounding counties. At present, Hardin Memorial Hospital has a medical staff of more than 200 representing more than 30 specialties, including open-heart surgery, neurosurgery, radiation therapy and bariatric medicine. Hardin Memorial Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission and has earned the agency’s Gold Seal of Approval for advance certification as a Primary Stroke Center.

 The company’s user-friendly ConnectMeTM terminals which can either be installed bedside or mounted on an articulating arm, are readily useable by clinicians, patients, and their families. The ConnectMeTM terminal has an LCD touch-screen with large, easy to use virtual buttons. The multifunction ConnectMeTM computers improve the patient experience by providing them with continuous access to the internet, email and social networking, games, and movies-on-demand.  In addition, patients will have access to education about their specific medical condition and also to the medications prescribed for their treatment. Patients will also get other site-specific information about the facility and the medical practitioners taking care of them.  The system can be viewed at http://connectedpatients.com/connectme-overview. 

 “As our community becomes more connected and tech savvy, so do our patients.  They want to remain in touch with their friends and loved ones even as they’re in our care,” said Tom Carrico, Vice President at Hardin Memorial Hospital.  “The ConnectMeTM system is easy to use and offers so many ways to keep our patients more connected, reducing their stress and improving their overall sense of well being.  And, integration of patient education, on-demand language interpreting capabilities, and real-time survey tools will help our staff deliver the exceptional care we’re known for.”

 The ConnectMeTM system’s modular software architecture gives hospital administrators the flexibility to customize the delivery of content within each facility, even down to a single room.  Doing so ensures that each ConnectMeTM terminal is delivering the needed information in the most effective way possible to meet the demographic and other unique attributes of a particular patient population.  The proprietary system also easily allows for future integration with newly developed or other third-party applications, ensuring that the system remains modern and adapts to current needs and regulations.

 “Hardin Memorial Hospital has a culture of excellence that one can clearly see and feel.  We are so excited that it has chosen our ConnectMeTM system to further promote this culture by adding this key technology designed to tighten the bond between patients, their family members, and clinicians,” said Dan Hollingshead, President and CEO of Connected Patients.  “We have seen the positive response from both patients and clinicians and resulting improvements in government mandated surveys.  These results speak for the system’s effectiveness and our ability to provide such value while removing the typical barriers of large up-front capital expenses that others charge is something our customers find very attractive.”