How Much Does CPN Cost?

CPN is the most cost effective system available today.  Pricing is based on facility size - usually licensed bed count - with multi-facility discounts available.  Contact our team today to find out how affordable adoption of our system can be for your hospital.

Is CPN customized to my facility?

Yes!  CPN is fully customized to each facility and even to each department within the facility if desired. Patients and visitors will be greeted with your branding and customized messaging of your choice. CPN is also an effective tool to cross promote new services and facilities to existing patients.

What is ConnectMe Patient Network (CPN)?

The ConnectMe Patient Network (CPN) gives all of your patients and visitors immediate access to patient education, entertainment, and other relevant information customized to their location within your facility. 100% WiFi based, access is available everywhere your public network is.