ConnectMe System Expands at Central Baptist Hospital

News release

Lexington, KY (November 22, 2011) -- A Lexington company Connected Patients, LLC, maker of the interactive patient care ConnectMe terminals, continues to expand its presence in Central Baptist Hospital with the recent additional installation in the hospital's outpatient Infusion Center. 

The initial installation of six ConnectMe terminals in the busy unit was so successful, the hospital administration quickly realized that expansion of the system to all 23 chairs and private rooms had to be a priority.  "The pilot of the ConnectMe computers was an overwhelming success with patients.  We quickly saw that everyone wanted to be seated where they had one.  With the rollout to every infusion chair we can offer every patient the technology for patient education and  entertainment," said Kay Ross, Vice President of Oncology and Clinical Support Services at Central Baptist Hospital.

The installation of 17 additional ConnectMe units now complete, puts powerful tools in the hands of the caring clinicians that enable standardized and more effective delivery of patient education materials, as well as a real-time feedback system that ensures each patient visit meets the patients' needs.

Dan Hollingshead, President of Connected Patients sees the system helping the patients and clinicians alike.  "We're excited to be part of a comprehensive solution aimed at improvement of the overall care experience.  One of the truly powerful functions of the ConnectMe is its ability to more easily allow patients to feedback to their caregivers regarding their experience.  Doing so empowers the patients and increases their overall satisfaction."

This most recent installation is part of a larger effort to expand the system to many more areas of the hospital and its outpatient facilities.  "More units are on the way and will be installed soon in other areas, including waiting rooms.  Imagine how much an easy-to-use and powerful system like the ConnectMe can help to pass the time for those waiting...we're really excited about the possibilities," said Mr. Hollingshead.

ConnectedPatients LLC is a technology company committed to providing healthcare facilities and their patients with solutions leading to a better patient experience. It has a multiyear contract with Central Baptist Hospital.