Clinicians Will Better Serve Their Patients

With the ConnectMe device, clinicians will be able to better serve their patients by helping them engage in their own plan of treatment. Patients will have access to information about their specific medical condition and the medications they are being prescribed for treatment. Patients will also receive other site-specific information about the facility they are in and the medical practitioners taking care of them. Clinicians will enjoy time saving efficiencies and patients will be better educated and more engaged.

For the Physician, the ConnectMe:

  • Offers a portal for electronic medical records
  • Functions as a bed-side physician order-entry system
  • Allows doctors a direct link to specialized education they would like their patients to receive
  • Works as a link to the physician’s office and staff

For the Nurses, the ConnectMe:

  • Serves as a platform for automated patient education and documentation
  • Enables bedside access to a patient’s record
  • Utilizes a record-management system that will allow them to spend more time on face-to-face interaction with their patients
  • Simplifies the meal order-entry process
  • Engages patients in activities that are intellectually stimulating