Real-time Data for Healthcare Administrators

Healthcare systems in the US are concerned with quality improvement and service excellence. They have invested billions of dollars on clinical systems to provide better patient care and in new facility construction to improve the patient environment, yet they have not achieved the outcomes originally expected.

Monitoring and improving patient satisfaction is more important than ever with new HCAHPS-based reimbursement about to take effect.  The ConnectMe device provides automated, ongoing survey questions for patients providing a real-time stream of patient experience data to the administrators. The units quickly identify patient problems and notify appropriate personnel allowing healthcare facilities to perform service recovery when necessary.  This real-time data feedback loop gives healthcare administrators access to powerful information that is proven to drive better results.

Healthcare systems are also facing increasing pressure from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), as well as the National Patient Safety Guidelines from The Joint Commission, to educate patients throughout their stay and at discharge. Similarly, initiatives set forth by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) underscore the importance of patient education as a means for improving the quality of care.  Studies show that interactive, computer-based education is more effective, leading to fewer readmissions and risk management episodes.

For the Administrators, the ConnectMe:

  • Increases productivity by automating and standardizing repetitive tasks
  • Provides continuous real-time patient experience survey results
  • Implements and documents patient quality measures
  • Provides a platform for Electronic Medical Records
  • Functions as a platform for Computerized Provider Order Entry
  • Enables automated, interactive patient education and documentation
  • Works as a portal for capture of insurance co-payments