About Us

While working as a vice-president for leading acute-care service providers, I noticed an ongoing pattern throughout our client facilities.  There were growing concerns about the implementation of the Hospital Consumer’s Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) patient satisfaction surveys.  I saw our clients throwing thousands of dollars into human resources and contract services, trying to address a problem they had a difficult time even understanding.  Even with the best efforts of the hospitals and systems, the solutions all seemed terribly time-consuming, disjointed, and generally lacking quality control.  I believed there had to be a way to utilize emerging technology in this process while also creating a better patient experience.

Dan Hollingshead
President & Founder

Connected Patients enables hospitals to improve efficiency, patient satisfaction, and financial results with the ConnectMe device.  Currently, most patients are unable to connect to the Internet and email during their hospital stay. Hospitals are one of the few remaining places where patients and their families remain “unconnected” to the outside world.   The ConnectMe device keeps patients connected to the outside world and most importantly to those providing their care.

Connected Patients Feel Better

Healthcare organizations are discovering that the secret to quality care improvement is greater patient engagement.  Studies have shown that satisfied patients are more compliant, thereby linking patient satisfaction with shorter lengths of stay.  Patient engagement and satisfaction has a direct influence on business and quality outcomes, helping to determine market share, define hospital image, and potentially impact reimbursement through the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.