4 Strategies to Boost Hospitals' HCAHPS Scores

While there may be differing opinions on where hospitals should be directing their resources to improve HCAHPS scores, the best seem to center on both patient communication and use of data as part of an ongoing process to identify areas of strength and weakness.  The ConnectMe system was built for just this purpose - giving patients and clinicians another way to communicate, educate, and entertain, while also serving as that needed conduit for information collection.

Becker's Hospital Review recently featured an article on "4 Strategies to Boost Hospitals' HCAHPS Scores." The tips in short were:

  1. Communicate clearly and often.
  2. Collect and act on data.
  3. Educate patients.
  4. Make a positive patient experience part of the culture.

These practical strategies serve to not only emphasize that hospitals can and should use the data they collect (or could easily collect) to their greater advantage.  With the many components of care occurring in 'real time', what systems do most hospitals have in place to measure in 'real time' the response from their patients?  Unfortunately the answer to this question is all to often, "none".  The ConnectMe system is engineered to help hospitals better communicate with patients, collect mission-critical data, more easily and effectively educate their patients, and make the patient the true center of one's culture of care.