Your system goes live with a simple captive portal redirect and IP whitelist in under 30 minutes. IT teams love the ease of the set-up and launch of the ConnectMe Patient Network with no ongoing maintenance to bog them down. Secure, cloud-based backend accessed using your existing network infrastructure means IT budgets can breathe a sigh of relief.

All visitors who join your public WiFi network are automatically logged onto the ConnectMe system with uninterrupted access as they move throughout your facility. Does not require any app to download, which results in much greater use and benefit. Use the ConnectMe Patient Network as a gateway to drive visitors to your existing EHR portal or proprietary app.

Different than legacy TV-based systems, patients and visitors throughout your entire facility have full access to location-based education, entertainment, and surveys. Secure messaging, whiteboard, meal ordering, telemedicine and more are available to improve the care experience. Give your patients access to their education from home to improve compliance with discharge instructions and reduce readmissions.

Proven to improve CAHPS scores.  Live reporting and push notifications for hospital staff and Administrators give you immediate access to actionable patient experience data. Respond to issues in a real-time, targeted manner optimizing staff effort while improving time to respond. Consolidate notifications from multiple sites to further extend your view and ability to standardize patient experience improvement initiatives.

Unleash the power of real-time data to enable more positive staff-to-patient interactions. Automated push email notifications deliver daily, weekly or monthly usage, survey and outcome reports. Easily track changes over time for powerful trending analysis or drill down to a single patient.  Custom dashboards for access to all databases for export or reporting gives you and your manager’s visibility to all of the data they need and none that they don’t. Create feedback questions to measure care and customer service initiatives with results provided in hours or days, not weeks or months.



Make smarter decisions for your facility with the help of the ConnectMe Patient Network’s push email summary reports. Delivered daily, weekly, or monthly, you get summary data tied directly to your custom dashboard. Drill down on any data set to get the information you need to make more informed decisions!

Actionable Data


Empower yourself and your staff with real-time notifications of low survey results. Sent directly to the appropriate staff, these notifications make it easy to focus your human resources where they’re needed most.

Real-time Notifications


Whether it’s games, music, or the movies-on-demand library, your patients and visitors will love these entertainment options. Proven to produce smiles from your patients and reduce boredom, staff always welcome these positive distractions.

Patient Entertainment


Imagine all of your patient education materials - customized by location and other parameters you set - ready and waiting for viewing by your patients. Allow your patients to continue to learn from home extending their learning and improving their recovery.

Patient Education


Supercharge your local patient experience through real-time experience surveys.  Fully attributable to individual staff, you can now better understand patient perceptions of rounding and other clinician interactions. Reward high performers and easily identify best practitioners to learn from and standardize around.

Real-time Survey


Realize more value from your patient infotainment system than ever before with ConnectMe Patient Network’s unique available everywhere feature. Easily extend the reach to outbuildings and other facilities maximizing use and value. 

Available Everywhere

Dan Hollingshead, Founder

When I started Connected Patients over 10 years ago, my goal was simple - to build a company and products centered on promoting patient and visitor happiness while helping our partner hospitals to better connect with those they are serving.  We did that by creating the ConnectMe system, a turnkey solution to fill an important gap in the measurement and improvement of the patient experience. Our design philosophy was for the ConnectMe to be a ‘living and breathing’ electronic assistant, constantly growing in its capabilities to communicate, teach and entertain.  We focused on giving our partner hospitals continually more from the system and customizing it around their ideas and needs. Succeeding at this has been our proudest achievement and we will never stop in this pursuit.

Now, we’ve done ourselves one better!  We challenged our thinking - and the thinking of the industry at large - to remove any barrier, friction point or difficulty that could make adoption of an infotainment system beyond reach.  Regardless of location - whether urban or rural, academic affiliation or not, for-profit or not-for-profit, independent or part of a large system, we believed that our basic goal should be to help every hospital afford and, more importantly, get far more value from an infotainment system than was possible in the past.  We knew to do this, we had to leverage - more fully than ever before - the systems hospitals already have in place in a way that significantly lowers cost and creates much higher utilization while adding new and updated functionality for the delight of patients, visitors and administrators alike.

Proudly, I believe we have succeeded in the achievement of this lofty goal with the roll-out of our newest product, the ConnectMe Patient Network.  CPN resides at the intersection of ease of setup and use, amazing content, and class-leading cost-per-user value. I hope you’ll let us show you all the ways CPN can help you to achieve your patient experience goals.  Contact us now for a demo to learn more about CPN and how to trial it live in your facility.


“Patient satisfaction is so high with the ConnectMe Patient Network that when we began planning for expanding to another location, the system was included in our initial design.”

– Kay Ross, VP Oncology & Clinical Support Services


“Real-time data helps us to responsd to our patients needs more quickly, ensuring a higher level of satisfaction.”

– Mark Wheeler, MD

For Families & Patients

“ConnectMe is an easy win for us… a way for us to provide something our patients really like.”

IT Director, Kentucky

Questions about ConnectMe

The Basics

The ConnectMe Patient Network (CPN) gives all of your patients and visitors immediate access to patient education, entertainment, and other relevant information customized to their location within your facility. 100% WiFi based, access is available everywhere your public network is.

Yes!  CPN is fully customized to each facility and even to each department within the facility if desired. Patients and visitors will be greeted with your branding and customized messaging of your choice. CPN is also an effective tool to cross promote new services and facilities to existing patients.

CPN is the most cost effective system available today.  Pricing is based on facility size - usually licensed bed count - with multi-facility discounts available.  Contact our team today to find out how affordable adoption of our system can be for your hospital.

Switch to ConnectMe

Any device that can access a WiFi network and the internet can immediately join CPN. No apps to download or accounts to set up. Navigation is intuitive and easy.

Signing up couldn’t be easier or quicker. Simply contact us via email or phone and one of our system experts will walk you through the process. Your facility can be up-and-running within one day...often within one hour.

Additional Information

Yes. CPN comes with great patient education options by the top content producers today. However, if your facility has already made an investment in its own content, let CPN help you to get the most out of them by putting them on the system.

Our system experts work directly with your IT members to get the system setup.  CPN is cloud-based and secure with all system updating and maintenance performed by Connected Patients, leaving your IT members available for your other mission critical tasks.


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