Connected Patients

Connected Patients provides healthcare facilities and their patients with low-cost, easy to use bedside ConnectMe terminals. Connected Patients installs and maintains the touch-screen ConnectMe terminals allowing hospitals to focus on providing quality care.

Patients can access the internet, email, and social networking, as well as information about their condition, medications, and plan of care, Entertainment, including games, music, online shopping, and face-to-face communication using "Skype" technology, will be at their fingertips.

Administrators have access to continuous real-time patient satisfaction survey results and other customized data.


Clinicians can use the ConnectMe as a platform for documenting patient education, an Electronic Medical Record, or a Physician order-entry system.


Qusta ibn Luqa joua aussi un rôle important dans la traduction et la transmission des textes grecs. Al-Kindi cialis a écrit le De Gradibus, dans lequel il décrivait l'application des mathématiques à la médecine, en particulier dans le domaine de la pharmacologie. Razi (Rhazes, 865-925) a rapporté des cas cliniques tirés de sa propre expérience et de très utiles observations de diverses maladies.

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Welcome to Connected Patients

Welcome to Connected Patients

Welcome to the future of communication and connectivity within the patient room. Connected Patients provides bed-side, touch-screen computers to a wide variety of healthcare providers.  We pride ourselves on being the high quality, affordable solution for patients, clinicians, and administrators.

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